March 27, 2011

never say never!

"That awkward moment when Justin Bieber has to say never to Rebecca Black when she wants to sing a duet with him"


I about died when I saw that on facebook.

Day 14.

I am currently addicted to lots of shows.

Love them all :)
And now that I have Netflix I can watch any season of them that I want! So lovely!

Day 15.

I never leave the house without:

Chapstick. {never ever}
my wallet/purse
clothes on.

yeah that's about it!

Today was so much fun! I was in a sewing mood so I decided that I was going to make
a scarf with this lacy fabric that I found.
It. turned. out. so. so. cute.
And then I decided to use the same fabric but put it on a tank top I never wear
this is how it turned out...
sorry that picture sucks but you'll see it on me in person soon! And it's adorable.
Anna helped me make it {by putting five pins in}
good job anna. I don't know what I'd do without your help.

So I don't know if I already mentioned this but I got my ACT scores back and......

it sucked...

I was so sure that I did decent! But I did so bad! Ahhhhh..
I'm going to a clown school...
Oh well at least I might be able to be a photographer. I took this film picture Maddie and her little sister Millie. :) they're so cute.

pretty good right?

I took one of Rachel too and it turned out super cute!
More to come later when I actually develop them... Kinda a long process. but so so worth it.

Well I'm kind of just slacking off because I don't want to do government homework...
have I mentioned I HATE that class, like with every fiber of my being.

Oh one last thing. have you ever fallen asleep with a song in your head and then
waken up with the same song stuck in your head?

yeah ok so last night I had never day never and whip your hair stuck in my head at the same time and this morning I woke up and it was still there! I've had it stuck in my head alllll day. so annoying! Oh well. OH and I got out of the bathroom and Anna jumped out from behind a door and started screaming,
"I whip my hair back and forth!"
and {of course} she was whipping her hair.
Well I screamed so loud! It was nerve racking!
And that song won't leave me! It keeps coming back.... duh duh duh duh...

Ok I'm really going now.

4 more days until Seattle!!!!!

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