March 19, 2011

i'd like to teach the world to sing.

hahah that title is for Emily and Karissa. I do NOT miss ninth grade.

Day five.
A picture of myself from high school? Ummm... look at any of my pictures and you'll see me in high school.

Day six.
Easy!!! I've always wanted a baby panda bear! but it has to stay a baby and not get older.

They're just too cute!!! I mean look at that face. It's adorable.
Well... this is a pretty boring post. but nothing that exciting has really happened the past two days so yeah. Have a good day peeeple! There's a stake dance tonight and I'm so going to that! You guys do too k? Good.

One last thing:)
12 days until Seattle!!!

1 comment:

  1. Ninth grade was a classic year in Blackburns you have to admit!
    Here them eCHo through the hills! Oh Becca....