March 25, 2011

I whip my hair back and forth!

So my last post was actually supposed to be day 11 not ten... oops! Hey, I'm only human ;)
So here it goes.

Day 11.

My favorite place to eat. Well this is a hard one, but after much thought I decided this is it:

Brick Oven. YUM!!! Love love love! I can eat anything there! It's delicious!
My friend took me there for my birthday and it rekindled my love for it.

Day 12.

Umm... I'm going to be safe and not put out where I live on the internet {yeah I know, I'm a worry-wart, but better save then sorry!} So I'm just going to put up a picture of my bedroom, because it's pretty much where I live.

I like my room! I redid it all by myself a few years ago and I still haven't gotten sick of it. It just is such a nice place to be in and it fits my personality. :)

Day 13.

Hmm... I really don't have a favorite musician! I kinda just listen to whatever I'm in the mood for at the moment. but I really like:

Joe Brooks

Nick Jonas {just because of his performance in Les Mis}

John Mayer! Mmm. :)

Taylor Swift

Justin Bieber! {Yes... I have bieber fever now..}

and last but not least, Carrie Underwood

I love love love school dances! Last night was amazing! So so fun! And I danced with this one really attractive guy and he dances so cute! He was spinning me and yeah it was precious. You had to be there ;) yeah pretty much I danced for Japan until I was sore! It was wonderful.

I love my family. I'm just going to come out and say it right now. They are amazing! So you know that six sense where your eyes can be closed but you can still tell something is in front of you? yeah ok so this morning I felt that {because i was finally starting to wake up} and I opened my eyes and I saw all my family standing around me wearing Krispie Kreme hats! Soooo random. But I laughed so hard!

Then my dad was like I went and got Krispie Kreme but you can't eat one unless you wear a hat. So pretty much all morning everyone walked around doing their chores with Krispie Kreme hats on! And we took a lot of funny pictures {I'll post them up later}

Then later today my dad took us out to lunch and we went to Dickies {awkward name...} but it was actually very yummy! And then he decided that he wanted to go buy Anna and I makeup! So I got a bunch of fingernail polish and I did glitter toes :) they're so cute! And I got silver polish and it looks so cool! Yeah my dad is pretty much the best dad out there!

wow long post, sorry! Have a wonderful Saturday!

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  1. Oh man I wish I woke up every morning to my family wearing Krispie Kreme hats! Your family is classic.