February 22, 2011

Party in the U.S.A.

So I'm so ready for summer! I miss it so so much...
Anyways! I promised to post more often so this is me posting haha.

It was marvelous.
The Nelson's invited us to go to Trafalga! It was amazing!
We rode on every single kiddy ride (Emily almost peed her pants ;) )
Played laser tag and mini golf and my new favorite game called the question game.

"Can I kiss you?

haha oh Daniel...

Yeah did I mention this Trafalga was in New York? ha NOT.

Then we came home and Jill made this amazing fajetta soup thing and it's to die for!
My stomach goes crazy just thinking about it!
Then Emily and Rachel came over and we watched What About Bob. Love love love it!
Yesterday was perfect, except for the moment that I realized school was the next day... way to ruin a perfectly good day School.... geez...

Today was good too!
English: wrote poems out of magazines.
Chemistry. Did a lab and broke lots of crucibles... oops.

Poor little guy.. he never saw it coming...

Choir. Surprise! Try outs were today and I failed. Miserably. At least it's over right?
Lunch. I got lots of student council stuff and stamps on my hand!

Yep. That's my hands.

Photo. Got checked out early so I didn't have to walk home. hehe I'm spoiled.

After school I played tennis with Brandon, and I totally won ;) ha but like every car that drove by stopped and there was someone in there that I knew so they would talk to me. So we didn't actually "play" tennis very long.

Then I chilled around the house and did homework most of the afternoon. Oh and played with LOLA of course!
Then we decided to do something fun and we went bowling!
Well I guess all those days of bowling for PE finally paid off! I tied for second with my dad! I got 108. yeah I know, I'm amazing.

Now I'm blogging on my laptop and laughing at Lola because she's crawling around with just a diaper and trying to type too.
Here I'll let Lola type you guys a message!

/. ku
l mk ijj j mihbgyfbhnyhm y xyn

she says I love you all and goodnight!

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