February 20, 2011

insert clever title here-

...........................yeah I can't think of what to name this post as.

Sorry fellow blog stalkers, I haven't posted in the LONGEST time!!
Lots has happened the like three weeks I haven't posted haha so here are a couple pictures talking about it.

So at school on Valentines Day in my lunch there was a super cute card
and a itunes card! I love my parents :) then I came home and my mom and put hearts all over my door, cleaned my room, and put candy all over my bed with another note
saying how much I mean to her! Cute huh?
I'm so going to do this to my kids on Valentines!

Ok so like you guys probably know, my dad puts little toys in my lunch right?
The other day I took my lunch out and was like wow. this is some huge lunch!
I opened it up and there was a full Cowboys vs. Indians figurines in it! It was so funny!
Once I got home I set them up and took dramatic pictures of them hahaha it was fun.

Aren't they lovely?!
Ok so I made a mistake and left them out on the table all day and so when I got home from
YW's this is what I saw:

haha my brother had some fun while I was gone.
It was pretty great!

FuNnY sToRy TiMe!
Ok so on like Wednesday I get this call from some random lady and this is how the convo went:
Lady: Hey is this Becca?
Me: Uhh... yeah
Lady: Hi you don't know me, but I have a question!

Ok so at this point in the phone call I go to press the speaker button so my mom can hear this and I accidently press the hang up button!!!!
How stupid can ya get?!
So I try calling her back and someone picks up and there is just breathing on the line.
So creepy!
finally the mysterious lady calls back and laughs so hard when I tell her what happened!
Lady: hahahaha no no you're fine I thought it was funny! Ok so have you been asked to Sweethearts?
Me: No I have not been!
Lady: Ok good to know, bye!

And yeah that was the phone call. Apparently I have some serious problems with phones.

That night someone rings my doorbell and what-do-ya-know!
I got asked to Sweethearts :) This is the first dance I've ever been officially asked to!
There was a balloon attached to a huge rock on my doorstep and on the balloon it says
"My heart would SOAR if you went to Sweethearts with me! (look under the rock)"
and under the rock is says,
"but my heart would deflate if you said no..."
Cute huh!? then it says his name and yeah.

Ok so I am so proud about how I answered him!!! The theme for the dance was Before the Stroke of Midnight. So I got a plastic high heel shoe and on a piece of paper wrote,
"As long as you have me home before midnight, I'd love to go with you!"
It was fun :)

Ok so last night was the dance!!
Tom, my date, was the perfect gentlemen!!! When he came to the door he had a rose for me! Little did he know that I love love love roses!
Then we made tee-shirts and went to the dance and had so much fun!

So at the date we played this game called Bonsi and it was so funny!
It was like a Japanese game show that they made into a tv/board game. If you want to know all the details you'll just have to ask in person because it's hard to explain haha.
anyways! One of the questions was like how long can a cockroach last in a microwave?!?!
Um... well it's 9 seconds. and it showed the poor thing explode and everything.
I will never be able to get that out of my mind! SOOO GROSS.

So the dance was so fun! I was in a party mood so I went crazy haha!
Then when he dropped me off he walked me to the doorstep and was like

"Becca? Can I give you a kiss?"

um... pretty much I just stood there like an idiot!
then he just laughed and pulled out chocolate kisses and yeah it was cute and funny :)
then i came inside and went to bed!

Ok so that was so long! sorry guys! I promise never to wait that long before I blog haha. I hate playing catch up!
Oh but guess what?! My niece is here!!! I love her! and she is all over the place because she can crawl! It's so cute :)
Pictures of her to come. Oh and of the dance :)

Ok I'm really going now haha see ya!

Oh P.S. my OLDER sister one time swallowed a bingo chip hahahaha at age 7!!!!!!
and she picked it up off the ground! Gross huh?!
Oh I have another funny thing.
so today at dinner we were going around telling about our first dates and my papa was like
"yeah my first date had the biggest nipples, wait! I mean dimples!"
hahahah I was laughing for like 20 minutes! Oh jk I still am laughing about it!!!
I love my family :)

Ok this is my real goodbye!


  1. First off.. you spelled heel wrong. And secondly, pretty sure he didn't say nibbles.... ;)

  2. Shout to all of Becca's blog stalkers! haha.
    Thomas seemed like a super fun date!

  3. K, Lisa wanted to see your side of the story of the phone call (the random girl that called) she was laughing the ENTIRE time. It's cool to hear your opinion of the phone call versus hers. :)

  4. hah well I'm glad she was laughing!