January 19, 2011

you're gonna catch a cold. from the ice inside your soul.

So I love PSYCH so so much.
Just thought I'd let ya'll know. It CrAcKs me up like non other!

So MoNdAy.
No school :) Love love love love love!
I slept in for forever then went to the mall with my peeps!
jo jo.
allyssa. this amazing new girl in my ward!
and yeah... that's about it.
But it was great great stuff! I took this picture of maddie walking ahead of all of us as if she didn't want to be next to any of us. haha it was funny.

yeah just tilt your head to look at it haha.
but yeah it was grrrreat! Then after we went to my house and ate grilled cheese and fudge. Mmmm.
so good.
Yeah and I don't really remember anything else I did that day.

First day of the new semester! A fresh new start!
and I love love love love B-days!!!! but not A days...

but yeah I won't bore you with everything from the last few days I'll just talk about today.
OH jk.
I have to say one thing.

I DID IT!!!!! I sung a solo in young women's in front of a bunch of people and I wasn't even that scared! And I did good :) I'm so happy! It was really a duet, but me and anna each had a solo in it. But mostly I'm glad it's over.

Ok anyways that was yesterday.
So today I woke up and I felt really cute :)
and it was a B day so that made the day even better.
EnGlIsh. That class is always fun! And I get to sit by Emily now! so it's fun :)
ChEmIsTrY. well.... we had a test last time that I studied so so so so so so hard for and I got a C on it... yeah pretty much it sucked. And my friend that didn't study at all got a B. Uh not fair. Not at all. So I was kind of bugged about that and then Mr. Knappenburger was like....
"Becca what grade are you in?"
and guess what I said. NOTHING. I just sat their with a stupid look on my face because I honestly couldn't remember what grade I was in!!! Finally I answered and he just laughed and was like are you sure?!
Yeah pretty embarrassing... but he still asked me if I could come to another class room with these three other smart people in my class.
Well.. turns out he had nominated us to participate in this Chemistry camp thing over the summer that would give you the opportunity of earning a full year of college chemistry credit. AmAzInG huh!? That's an awesome experience! And since I want to be a doctor that would be very helpful.
Well yeah it made me feel pretty special :) even though sometimes I'm just a blond in that class.
( no offense to all the blonds out there. I know not all of you are dumb)

ChOiR. ehh.... I don't know why I keep taking it. Actually I do know. I love to sing! I just don't really like the songs we sing in that class.
LuNcH. was fun :) I actually got to sit at a table today! Hurray! haha
FiLm PhOtO. I love love love that class! It's so fun! I got to go into the dark room and see how to process film and I even got to see what it was like to be inside of a camera.

Now I know what you're thinking. How did your teacher shrink you to be that small to be able to fit in a camera?!?!
Well don't hurt your mind thinking about it too much, just know it can be done! haha jk jk.

She had a big box that was completely dark inside except it had a small hole in it. You went inside of it and held a poster bored and you looked at it and you could see the people outside!!! except they are upside down. but it's still pretty legit.

Then I came home.
Did homework. stupid government...
Practiced solo and ensamble.
Watched some Psych :)
Went running.
And now I'm here, writing about my lovely life.

Oh one last thing before I go, if you haven't heard Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri LISTEN TO IT NOW. It's amazing! I love love love it. That's where I got my idea for this lovely blog post.

Ok I'm really going now!


  1. Don't worry Becca. People ask me simple questions all the time and I always sit there with a stupid look on my face! We must be friends:)

  2. Can I just say I deserve the credit.... I LOVE that song!!!! ;)

  3. Haha but emily you really are a blonde! oh and we aren't just friends, we're neighbors!