January 15, 2011

You're a firework!!!

I love this song :)

So lots of happened since I actually had enough patience to sit down
and blog haha. And I always have funny stuff happen and I'm like
Oh I'm so gonna blog about that!!!!
But... i have forgotten most of them... except for a few things like,

"Karissa I'm cold, where's a man?! Oh wait, I don't need a man I just need your butt warmer!"

"Let's go make fudge!"
(I sluffed fourth period on friday and went and made fudge :) and it's sooo yummy! it was totally worth it.) shhh don't tell!

"Smooch Fart!" Oh brother judd...

"Wow he looks like he's gonna fall out the window just to look at you!" haha...

"I have a puppy dog too!" hahahahahahahahaha oh I love Karissa...

"Hm if you were an animal you would be an raccoon." Anna... so evil.

"Tom Cruise is gay!" Ceramics is a good class.

haha well even though you guys have NO idea what I'm talking about, just trust me. Because they all have hilarious stories behind them!

Ok anyway that has pretty much summed up my week for ya. Except for Wednesday was the worst day ever!!! Dang OHS councilors... They just can't listen!!!

Well yeah today was (as Tony the Tiger would say) GRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT.
I woke up.
Made a delicious waffle!!!! Look and be jealous!

It was sooooo yummy!

Bugged Anna for a bit.
Did my chores.
Took down Christmas decorations :(
Ok so while in the process of taking decorations down I found this creepy looking Santa!!! I didn't know Santa could do the splits! And also I found this Barbie doll ornament and it is so funny! it's like a collectors piece and everything! Maybe I can convince them to keep it so I can put it on Antiques Road Show and see if it's worth anything someday.

Lovely huh?

Finally decided to get dressed and then went to Target to get board shorts for my new bathing suit. It isn't that cute but it works.
Then came home and watched some Psych. surprise surprise.
Then went to the Rec Center and went swimming.
Then came home.
Ate me some din din.
Watched Eagle Eye.
Played card games with Anna and totally won every one!!!
Then Anna and I made card houses! Wanna see mine?

Yeah I know it's sidewise, just deal with it.
Decided to put make up on for the first time today so I could go hang out!
But... my dad thought otherwise....
So I sat at home.
Blog stalked.
Then decided I should blog something.
So here I am! Blogging. Oh how fun!
I think I'm gonna go to bed now!
Over and OuT!


  1. Oh Becca... I love you!!! We really need to hang out girly :D we would have so much fun!!! and I want details about these funny things that happened :D

  2. That Santa is creeping me out! You should hang it over Anna's bed when she's sleeping, and then when she wakes up, it will be staring right at her! It's brilliant! I'd to it to Rachel haha

  3. haha!! I'll definitely have to do that!