January 29, 2011

I've got that magic in me

Hi :) it's me again.
so I haven't posted in a while! Sorry life just gets busy!
if i told you everything that happened this week you'd probably fall
asleep soo... here are some high lights.

"I had an epiphany!!!"

"You're my other half, here are some Junior Mints!"

"SpAcE bAr...."

"And then... I kissed the wrinkle."

"You're like laughing gas!"

German Pancakes :)


And yeah that's about it.

But wait!!!
I have a story :)
So my dad packs my lunch for me every day! And it always tastes so yummy.
Well recently he's started putting little random toys in.
It's like my own personal Happy Meal!!!! Only FrEe!
It's so cute :)
I love love love it!

So so far I've gotten:
A parachute man.
a mini skateboard.
a Chinese finger trap.
a frog toy.
another frog thing.
a pink paddle with a ball and you try to put it through the hole.
a red heart ring.
a creepy which finger.
a smiley face ball.
funny glasses.
glasses with a mustache.
a slinky.
a top.
a whistle.

it makes my day every day!
I love my dad. :)


  1. How many times do you think Mrs. Hall says "space bar" every day? It blows my mind.
    I love your dad too!

  2. More then I can count! Actually, I think I'm gonna count how many times she does! that will be my activity tomorrow haha

  3. Babe! I love that you remembered the epiphany thing! I don't even remember where I was going with that.... hahaha I say the most stupid things around you. It's a good thing that you're my other half ;) Oh we need to have band cheerleader practice sometime! ;)

  4. Oh becca I love you!!! You are the love of my life!! :D and I love phych now!!!! :D I'm addictted!!! thanks!!!