January 22, 2011

It's you and me against the world.

Friday, Friday, Friday is my favorite day!
that's a shout out to good ol' Mr. Critchfield.

Yesterday was very very very fun.
Amanda, Rose, Samantha, Anna and I had a party.
What did we do at this party?
haha well funny you should ask...
Pretty much we played one of my favorite games. Go into a store, pick out the ugliest outfit,
then try it on and take pictures! aww so grand.





YoUrS tRuLy.

I'm pretty sure none of you guys have seen anything this lovely in your life!
be very jealous.
This was all of us trying to be models, what do you think? do we have a future career in it?!
But I found the next thing I'm gonna buy and I love it so much.

this picture does NOT give it justice.

Well after our lovely mall journey we decided to go back to my house and party it up there.
and by party it up we mean go watch PA-sych.

Funny story! So Rose (ya gotta love her) was looking at our TV and
we were on Netflix and she was reading titles and she was like.

"What's PA-sych?"

Yeah I think i just about died laughing.
Fun fun night :)

WAIT. I forgot one things! So at the mall there was this lady in the dressing room and guess what she was wearing?!?!

eww... I had to make the black thing around it so you could see. and I'm not talking about the cute white oxfords I'm talking about the big foot boots. so sick.
Ok enough about that!

Today I mainly just lounged around the house.
And I put together a super cute outfit! I was proud of myself.

Katey, Ryan, Anna and I went mini golfing :)
These are some funny things that happened.

Katey didn't have to pay to get in.
We decided to play on the out door course. brrrr.
There was still snow everywhere...
Everyone got a hole in one but me. :(
We lost our golf balls.
I made it in the last hole in one!!! except I tried a bunch of times until i made it haha.
Won a bunch of tickets.
Gave them to small children.

Prrrrrretty fun :)

Then we ate pizza!
Then Anna's friend Rachel came over and OH MY GOOD GOLLY GOSH that girl cracks me up like non other!
We decided to watch Beauty and the Briefcase. wow. Weird but strangely cute show.

"Holy cow get a shade shirt!"

haha i love Rachel.
Then they decided to shove pie in their face.
pretty pretty funny.

well i'm headed to bed! Oh but before I do....
Ok now goodnight :)


  1. I'll second that shout out to Mr. Critchfield! My favie fav student teacher. jaaaaaaaaaaaa laaaaaa luna y metso mare mama mia....

  2. Haha oh Becca I had tons of fun and now I'm addicted to pa-sych haha jk pysch oh thx for letting hang out with u!!!!

  3. Oh my gosh! Let me tell you that was just about the funnest night of my whole life! Ok it was the funnest! thanks to you and Anna!!! I love you so much and LOVE to hang out with you :D SOOOO FUN!!!! and the funniest thing was remember one of the workers at the store was wearing one of the shirts we had for the ugliest!!!! :D I almost dyed laughing!!! SOOO FUNNY!

  4. Haha I would totaly wear that outfit to school! So we have to go to the mall and pick out ugly outfits, watched loved wrecked, princess and shove pie in our faces hahaha

  5. It was such a fun night! and ok Rachel, it's a date