January 4, 2011

I got a dollar, I got a dollar, I got a dollar hey hey hey hey!

Tuesday AKA today.
Yeah, it was a good day :) School was actually pretty good!
FiNaNcIaL LiTeRaCy. well... that class stinks every day! Except for my teacher told us this story about how he helped catch this guy that was breaking into houses over the break! Cook huh?
SeMiNaRy. I got a dollar hehe. and we played mario cart! So So fun! Even though I didn't get to play because I was on the outer darkness table... but it was still fun to cheer my class mates on.
"George Washington says differently."
PrE-cAlCuLuS. I actually got it!!! And i even finished my homework in class! It was wonderful!!!
LuNcH. Fun :)
CeRaMiCs. I love that class. So much. Except for lately it's been stressing me out like crazy! We had so much stuff due it's insane. I hate the end of the term sometimes...

Then when I got home i got all comfy cozy and put on sweats and I decided that I'd do my huge project that was due so I don't have to worry about it any more. Well I did. And I'm finished!!! Happy day! Now I'm about to go watch Inception!!!! I'm so freakin excited! I've been wanting to see this show in the longest time, and now that dream is coming true :')
My papa even got real movie popcorn! I love that man. Well I'm gonna go party it up now!

Oh one last thing. I don't know if I'm gonna go to Preference or not... I'm still debating, even though its this Saturday... haha

Oh one more last thing. Taylor Swift moved in with Jake Jillian Hall... not cool. She just dropped a TON on my cool scale.

Ok I'm really going now! haha bye!

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  1. TAYLOR SWIFT????!!! DEAD meat! i tell u! no joke! yea she just dropped A LOT on my scale of coolness to!! NOT COOL! And Anna told me today that u need me for something it was about Preference.... Let me know :D