January 6, 2011

Guess what?!?!

drum roll please....

I FINALLY did it!!!!!! I asked someone to Preference! It took me long enough...
His name is Sid and it took me forever to build up the courage to just go up to him and ask him. I figured since it's on Saturday, I should just ask him in person, and let me tell you, it was

And since I was so proud of myself, I gave me a pat on the back. And I totally lucked out because I was able to get everything I need in just one day! I'm really excited :) My dress is gorgeous!!! I love wearing it. It makes me feel pretty! And I even scored a huge baby sitting job so I will be able to pay for everything.
Yeah so yesterday was a good day :)


was good. I had a pretty good day at school, except for I came the closest I ever have to actually falling asleep in a class.
Dang Financial Lit....
Never take it A1!!!!! Biggest mistake of my life.
Yeah all my other classes were super duper! And I was so happy because I got a 95 on my Ceramics test! I thought for sure I was going to fail!
Then after school I went to the library with Christian! Yeah, it was really fun :) But lots of funny things happened!

1. I kept running into things. Yeah embarrassing...
2. There was this little girl that was SCREAMING at the top of her lungs.
"You're not even my mom, so I'm going to do whatever I want!!!!!"
So after she hit the lady/mom with her jacket she started tipping chairs over. So great! It was so hard not to fall on the floor laughing my head off.
She just kept turning things over and throwing pillows everywhere.
3. Christian parked like three years away. So it took forever to walk to and from his car!!!!
But it was really fun!
then I got home and made home made pizzas, talked about serious stuff, and my brother told me the funniest story ever!
So I guess when he was 23ish this 14 year old comes up to him and asks for his number so he says some random number and the girl is like...
"Wait... are you serious?!? That's my number!!!!!"


What are the odds?!?
Now I'm watching Princess Diaries 2 with my little sisters friends :) It's fun.
Well that's pretty much everything!!!! Other then I'm going on this blind date with this HOTT HOTT boy. I'm excited :) Fill you in later!


  1. HOT??? I would say so! He is a freaking BABE!!!! Im not kidding! :D SO I love you! Ur lucky :D