January 3, 2011

don't you think i was too young

So I decided that school should have been out
for another week....
Agree?? Of course you do.
So yesterday was sunday..............................
yeah not a good day at all.
But I look back on it now and realize that it was my own fault it was bad.
but the worst part was going to bed and realizing school was the
next day. So SOOOOO awful.
But yeah I don't want to continue thinking about yesterday.

So MONDAY! aka today!
Pretty good.
I actually wasn't late for school today! So that's a plus.
EnGlIsH. we watched a movie... yeah i almost fell asleep a lot.
ChEmIsTrY. about as good as it can get!
ChOiR. well.... it's choir. but actually it was really good today. we talked about cool experiences.
LuNcH. I went to karissa's! that's always an adventure!
Then Pe. but i go bowling! and guess what people!?!
I GOT 110!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was sooo happy!!! I'm so proud of myself :')

Then after school i went home with chelsie and we watched Dear John and ate pizza! I love that movie. it's so precious!
aww... I love her.
and then we were good girls and did chemistry homework.
so then I came home and ate top roman and salad.
But the weird thing is that lately I have like ZERO appetite.
Aw well.......
and now I'm sitting in my room blogging and listening to taylor swift! I love her :)
all her songs are so easily relatable!

Anyways..... I better go waste my life doing something else now!

Oh! but i decided something today.
the day that i get these darn braces off will be THE GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE.

ok i'm really going now. haha bye!

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  1. Girl I understand.... I have about the same appetite as you do.... eating just sounds gross... but i have to anyway... it's weird.... Well I love you and I love Taylor Swift too :D She is the best :D