January 1, 2011

All your ever gonna be is mean.

You have to act like this?
Is it a trend to go hold someone's hand and then never talk to them again?!
But I still like him... a lot.
So HE was at the stake dance tonight, and I could see him from where ever I was dancing
but did he ask me to dance?
no he did not.. and he only talked to me when I talked to him.
Some way to start the new year.

Ok well other then that life has been pretty good!
I've been making lots of stuff with my sewing machine and I'm getting pretty good.
I made a case for my camera and video camera out of felt!

and I also made a case for Anna's Kindle and a cute shirt! It's so easy!

Yeah so I've been going to Salt Lake a lot lately! Twice just this week! CrAzY.
The first time we went was because of a funeral, the second was yesterday and we went and stayed at this way cute hotel called the Peery Hotel and had fun and yeah... :)


So my buddy Chance, gave me a 50 dollar gift card to Old Navy!!!! :0
He even said that he ONLY got me a 50 dollar one because they didn't have a 75 dollar one! it was so so so so so cute! And I've already used a lot of it... hehe


So yeah today was new years eve.
My new years resolutions are

1. TP a house.
2. exercise.
3. get a job.
4. fall in love and have it work.
5. be more honest.
6. read scriptures better.

And well... I'll add more when I can think of them.

So back to the beginning of this post...
BOYS. wow so confusing. But let me start from the beginning.
So there is this really cute boy :) and he likes me and I like him! or so I thought...
We went on a date and he held my hand and it was wonderful! But ever since it was like I scared him or something :( he never texts me back and when he does it's like one word responses... And then he just ignores me unless I say something and tonight, he didn't even dance with me at the dance!!! He just kept his distance.. and I even texted him after the dance and yeah... still waiting for a reply. So that would be why I'm texting at 2 in the morning on new years. Yup... thanks for starting our my year wonderful... love ya too bud.
Oh but every once in a while he will text me, flirt, tell me i'm cute and that he wishes i could warm up his hands then just stops! ugh..
ok i need to sleep now... before i go crazy. bye bye

well I guess I'll go to bed now, if I even can.

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  1. oh my hon :( boys are so ridiculous!but yes i love them too :D it'll get better and you will find the hottest most perfect guy in the world trust me :D