December 22, 2010

The Not So Fancy Dinner...

So ALL week our Young Women leaders have been telling us
Oooh! This Wednesday's activity is going to be a good one! Make sure to come hungry because it's a progressive dinner! So we were SUPPOSED to go to different people's
houses and at each house have a course of a meal!
Everyone was so flippin' excited! And trust me... we ALL came hungry. We went to the first house and the lady was like "Oh dear.. I forgot... my kids got into the food and
I just don't have food and I'm not ready for you! I'm so so sorry!"
We all just kind of shrugged it off because it was just an appetizer. But EVERY house we went to there was another excuse! SO frustrating. So with our tummy's growling we went
back to my leader's house to watch a nativity scene.

Can you guess what happened?!?

It was staged.
Yeah you heard me! They told us to come hungry and they planned on not feeding us.
Lame... or so I thought. Turns out it was an object lesson! And a really amazing one too. They said that that is how Mary and Joseph felt, being turned down by every inn.
Then they fed us pp&j sandwiches and hot chocolate.

It was actually really neat!
We took lots of funny pictures :) would you like to see some? I think you do.

Yeah I know, we're pretty hott.

Then came the fun part! My bestest friends, MaDdIe and JoRdAn came over :)
and after much arguing... we decided to watch Letters to Juliet! and um pretty much I love that movie.

And british guys...
The one in the movie is a BABE! I mean, just look at this man!

(make sure to wipe the drool from your mouth)

yeah he's a very attractive person. :)

But anyways! After we watched the movie we went and rocked out to music and
caught up and talked like non-stop like the good old times! Aww... It was grrrreat.
And we decided that tomorrow we're going to get paint
and old white tee-shirts and paint all over ourselves and take pictures! I'm SOOO excited! Now me and Maddie are pulling an all nighter! At different houses... haha but we shall make it work!!!

speaking of british guys... I watched this cheesy and I mean CHEESY disney movie yesterday. If they rated movies on cheesiness this would be rated R.
But there's another cute guy in it :)
Wanna see him?!?! I know you do!

Why can't people look like that at my school?
and you can't really tell in this picture but his lips are PERFECT. I really want to kiss them. Creepy huh?
(Don't answer that question)

Well... That's pretty much everything I had to say... So I'll blog more when i think of stuff!

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