December 27, 2010

Catch up!!!

Ok so pretty much sooo much happened since the last time I posted something!
First off....
And we went to Brigham City like we always do. Because Christmas isn't Christmas unless it's in Brigham City!!! I've only had one Christmas at home.
And it was very lovely. I felt so spoiled!
I got...
a sewing machine.
a video camera.
sooooo many cute clothes!
a free pass to seven peaks and trafalga for the whole year.
And much more!
I'm spoiled huh? :)
Yeah I'm so so excited and it was such a fun Christmas!
I am already planning all the things I'm gonna make on my sewing machine! And it even self threads! How cool is that?!
Yeah pretty much I love it.
So Christmas night my whole family on my mom's side went to the church and we partied! We ate yummy food, had hilarious talent shows (videos will be coming soon)
And bonded with all my cousins :)

then that night Anna, Genevive, Kylee and I had a sleep over! Oh Genevive and Kylee are my amazing cousins :)
We laughed until our stomachs hurt!

"ThE bLeSsInG!!!!"
hahahaha oh Kylee....

Then we played with the dress up and sqeezed Kylee into this dress! haha and let me tell ya it is that dress is like the ULTIMATE push up bra.

Then on Sunday we took pictures in the snow and they turned out SO cute!

Then sadly we had to come home...

So we just chilled at house the rest of the day and I played with my fancy sewing machine.

But Today was a BlAsT!
We babysat Lola all day because Jill and Kenny went snow boarding.
And we took her on adventures!
We went to the Bean Museum and me and Anna played this game where we went around and we had to take pictures by the animals and try to look like them.

this animal made me laugh.

Which one is the bear?!

Which one is the bear?!

hahaha Anna was being the dead pheasant thing. In the picture above.

It was so great!!!!!!!!
Then we went to Los Hermanos.
I freakin LOVE that place! I always forget about it until I go. Then I remember how much I love it.

Then Anna, and my buddy Christian and I went to Trafalga!
And I came to a conclusion...

I suck at mini golf...


But it was still fun :) Even though I managed to poke myself in the eye with my club...
Don't even ask.

but yeah it was a TON of fun :)

Then I came home and went to Farr's Fresh! I love that place!
And now I'm sitting at the computer uploading ALL the pictures I've taken the past few days.
It's quite fun.

but yeah... I'm pretty sure you're all caught up now!

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  1. can I just say a few things?? I love Los Hermanos too :D but no one will ever go with me :D we should go on a date :D haha I love those days :D and I love how good you look in front of the camera :D Love u!