December 20, 2010

10 things in life that I don't understand

1. What is with the jeans with the jewels on the butt? GROSS! Why would you want to sit on that? And why in the world would you want a sparkly butt?!
2. What's the point of putting your hair in a bun or pony tail before you go to bed? Does it actually help? I mean doesn't it just make your hair even more messy when you wake up? Is it just because people do it on movies?
3. Why do people hate the snow? It's SO pretty! And it makes everything look clean! All you do to not be cold is to actually wear a jacket outside! It's not rocket science!
4. Why do boys wear shorts and tee-shirts in the dead of winter? And without a coat!
5. How did Santa Claus come to be?
6. Why does school have to start SO early?! Little kids have more energy and they actually like getting up early, so why can't they start school before us? Then we can go to school at like 10!
7. Why do goths wear black? I mean isn't red like the color of blood, so why not wear red! It's more evil.
8. Can guys sense when you stop liking them? Because it seems like they try harder when you stop liking them even though they never liked you in the first place!
9. What's with the head bands with the big bows? They're pretty ugly. And totally not flattering (my sister agrees with me here)
10. Why do girls wear high heels? I mean, don't get me wrong, I wear them! but they hurt! Why do we put ourselves through that misery? Is it because it makes our butts/legs look good?
These are some of the questions that haunt me. So if you know the answers to any, PLEASE share them. I'm completely in the dark.

Have a Merry Christmas :)

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  1. sometimes you tend to crack me up. and i think we need to talk about #8. yes. and we are hanging out today. after i go buy some boxers. haha. don't ask.