November 4, 2016

the engagement

it's been around two years since i blogged anything & with my first anniversary coming up i thought i'd share some memories & pictures just so i'd never forget how great this past year has been.

my little sister, jon & i decided to drive down to california to visit my older sister & her kids. we drove while listening to musicals & singing along to all the parts. i have this super sharp memory while jon & anna were singing back & forth & just thinking, wow i seriously am the luckiest person alive. i love these humans in my life! it really was such a fun trip, even if jon made me drive stick on the freeway, in traffic... which at the time i was very mad about but i'm grateful for that push now. 

we woke up & i had the idea to take jon on a date & show him all my favorite places from the time that i had lived in newport beach. we went to some of my favorite restaurants, went to the fun zone, rode a little ferry to the island where i worked for a month... & then ate salt water taffy on the beach with our eyes closed trying to guess all the flavors! it was everything i had wanted that day to be. i finally had the chance to show jon a place that had changed me for the better & a place where i had so many memories! 

suddenly jon started acting kind of scatterbrained as he talked me into going to another beach & taking some pictures. 1. jon hates pictures. 2. we were already at a beautiful beach so i didn't understand why he was insisting on going to another one... also he knew the way to it, like he didn't ask for any directions. ha! it was at this time that i was kinda suspecting him to purpose but still wasn't entirely sure. 

we got to the beach and started walking through the dunes & that's when i saw all the lights. i kinda just stopped in my tracks. it was such a weird & giddy feeling! like this was the moment that i'd always wondered about! who was it going to be? how were they going to do it? how old would i be? it was just so crazy that the moment was here. at one of my favorite places, at sunset with this amazing guy! & i just kinda froze trying to take it all in. i think i remember just grabbing jon & hugging him as he was trying to pull me closer haha poor guy, i bet the look on my face was classic.

he had been really sweet all day, telling me how much i meant to him & expressing his feelings to me, that when the moment came he just asked the question. it was so crazy seeing this man that i loved down on one knee, looking up at me with tears in his eyes! i think i just cried & tried to hug him ha! i seriously don't remember saying yes... just kinda aw struck at the situation. 
i'm so glad that my older sister was hiding & taking pictures because these are still some of my favorite pictures to look at! so many feelings!! 

i don't think i'll ever forget sitting in the car with him after all this happened & calling our family to tell them the news! i remember just staring at my ring & i couldn't stop smiling! our families were so excited & they all wished us luck!

it's been a year & a half later & i'm still so glad i get to call him mine! 

October 20, 2014

let's talk

my christmas list consists of...

a heart shape waffle maker

fancy kitchen knifes

a food processor

and money

Does that make me a grown up?

Also can we talk about how cute McKenzi's freckles are? I got lucky in the roommate department.

October 5, 2014

yarn, macarons and hair clips

A recipe for a perfect saturday morning. To all you people out their who have perfected the art of making macarons, you are my new heroes. I think I'll stick to just eating them.

September 11, 2014

My life lately has been full of change. I've been writing little notes down in my phone over the last few weeks so I could remember everything....

My first day of class at a new college. Gosh I'm really nervous. Is this the right class? *Checks schedule for 100th time* Yes, I'm in the right class. Wait, what if they switch the classroom and I didn't get the memo? No, calm down and just sit. Where do I sit? I don't want to sit in the back because then I'll look like I'm slacking off so I'll sit in the front. Yes the front is a good idea, but I won't sit in the center because all the weird people sit there. I'll sit on the side. Perfect. I'm a good student but I'm still socially cool. Oh why is their no one sitting around me? Great. I'll just play on my computer and look busy. Sweet! Someone is sitting next to me and she seems really nice!! I'll talk to her, "Hey, how's it going?" .....silence. Well ok then...  Oh hey someone is signing ASL. Oh that's kinda neat, I wish I could sign. Oh wait... she's signing to the rude girl sitting next to me. Oh... she's not rude she's deaf so she couldn't hear me say hi. Ok well my first day of school is going great so far.

Ok my first class went well! I can do this! Oh wow that's a lot of cleavage. Honey, pull your shirt up.

My teacher damned a student for walking in late... So I'm not at BYU anymore.

The waitlist process at UVU SUCKS.

The amount of dry shampoo in my hair is disgusting. Don't light a match near my head. Wait, maybe that's just hairspray.

I see someone I knew from high school right after I walked past 10 people smoking. Yes I smell like smoke, no I don't smoke. Yeah, good talking to you too.

I don't know if anyone is home at my apartment because we all have our own rooms. I'm just going to go to my room and play music really loud to see if anyone will come out.

I'm the new manager at my work so if you need a job, come talk to me. Actually, don't. Because then if I have to fire you for some reason things could get awkward, and I don't want it to be weird between us.

Living on my own again makes me realize what a bad wife I'm going to be. What's for dinner you ask? Umm cereal. or peaches.

As my dear friend Madeline would say...
thanks for watching.